Joan Richmond

Her life story told for the first time

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Joan Margaret Richmond

First Edition available May 2011. Purchasing & shipping details available shortly. In the interim, contact for details or to register your interest and we’ll email you when the book is available to order.

The origins of this book date back to the 1970′s when David Price, a cousin of Joan’s by marriage, painstakingly recorded on audio tape over a long period, her life story told in her own words.
After arriving back in Melbourne in 1946 from the U.K. she led a reclusive but busy life, and over the period of these recording sessions, gained confidence and began pouring out stories of her remarkable life. She also produced from storage press cuttings, documents, photographs, trophies and memorabilia which until then had remained her personal secret.
More years passed as David pieced together a manuscript, however despite repeated attempts, he was unable to find a publisher willing to produce it. The reasons he was given defy all logic.
In 2010 while researching another project for the Victorian Historic Racing Register, I came across David almost by accident.
David lent me the manuscript and immediately I knew it had to be shared. Working with him, this book is the result of nearly a years work. I trust others will get as much enjoyment out of it as I have.
(Also see Biography)
John Reaburn. 2011.